Family Participation Program

The Family Participation Program enables Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, young people, parents and families to participate in significant decision making processes regarding child protection matters and decisions that affect them

The focus of the program is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families with children and young people under the age of 18 years, who are the subject of a child protection notification or who are already involved in the statutory child protection system.

A main function of the Family Participation Program is the facilitation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family-led decision making, a process whereby authority is given to parents, families and children to work together to solve problems and lead decision-making in a culturally safe space. The aim is to assist families to optimise their participation in these decision making processes. This recognises that the child and their family are the primary source of cultural knowledge in relation to the child.

Key Family Participation Program Information

Our Family Wellbeing Support workers can assist families with:

• Indigenous Triple P Parenting Program

• Access to Early Childhood Services

• Advocacy and support in dealing with Government & Non-government agencies

• Access to Men’s & Women’s programs

• In-home support

• Domestic & Family Violence

• Social &/or Community Support

• Mental, Emotional or Physical Health.

We only accept referrals from:

• Self and Family members

• Magistrates Courts

• Government agencies (including schools)

• Non-Government Organisations

• Health clinics

• Family and Child connect

• Child Safety

• Other tertiary, intensive and secondary support services